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Diamofoska is a combined granular fertilizer, which consists of three main elements of the feeding of plants: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Also it contains useful impurities such as micro and macro elements like sulfur, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron and others. Fertilizer is characterized by high versatility and efficiency. It can be used in all climate zones, especially in the peat and old plowed soils that have sufficient nitrogen and also on the land with low concentration of phosphorus and potassium.

The optimum ratio of useful elements makes diamofoska an ideal for basic fertilizer, local (tape) addiding and fertilizing of winter and spring crops, flax, beans, technical and cultivated crops, vineyards and fruit trees.

Nutrients of this fertilizer evenly distributed throughout the mass, each granule of it contains a balanced composition and provides the similar feeding of plants throughout the growing season time. The using of diamofoska gives the positive impact on the productivity, increases the plant resistance to pests, diseases and adverse climatic conditions.



  • basic elements of the feeding plants in the composition of the fertilizer
  • preciseness of adding
  • high level of the assimilation by plants
  • perfectly suitable for the preparation of mixed fertilizers
  • improve the quality of the crop
  • don’t wash by sediments from the soil

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