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Nitroamophoska 16:16:16 (azofoska) NPK 16:16:16

Nitroamophoska – is one of the most popular combined fertilizers. Available in the form of water-soluble granules that do not become compressed and keep their flowability. It includes nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are among the most important substances for nutrition of crops.

Among all other representatives the class, Nitroamophoska NPK 16:16:16 is characterized by the uniform percentage content of nutritional components and a high versatility. Suitable for preplant application, row introduction at sowing, late feeding of any crops in all types of soil. This fertilizer should not be introduced into acidic soils without prior chemical reclamation.

Nitroamophoska is convenient in transportation, introduction and storage, can be combined with other types of fertilizers. Positively affects plant growth and increase yeild.



  • does not compact
  • has a high hygroscopicity
  • suitable for all agricultural crops
  • has a relatively low price
  • easily combined with other fertilizers

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