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Nitroamophoska 7:20:30 (azofoska) NPK 7:20:30

Nitroamophoska – balanced complex of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in the form of water-soluble granules. The nutrients in its composition are the most available for assimilation by plants, making it a highly effective fertilizer for all commercial crops.

It has a perfectly balanced composition, all useful elements are evenly distributed in each granule and ensure uniform nourishment of plants and accuracy of calculation of the norm of fertilizer.

The use of NPK fertilizer significantly increases crop yields, strengthens the root system, increases the resistance of plants to disease and rot, increases the strength of stem of crops and makes cereal crops resistant to lodging.



  • resistance to compressing
  • ease of assimilation by plants
  • increases the qualitative and quantitative indicators of yield
  • the possibility of precise calculation of the norm of fertilizer
  • universality
  • the possibility of combining with other fertilizers

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