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Nitroamophoska 8:19:29 (azofoska) NPK 8:19:29

Nitroamophoska – complex mineral fertilizer that contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus – the most necessary substance for normal plant development.

The ratio of nutrients in this fertilizer is adjusted individually to the soil type and climate zone requirements. Due to the large variability of composition Nitroamophoska is one of the most versatile fertilizers in agriculture.

This fertilizer very positively affects growth, development and productivity of plants. Nitrogen in its composition stimulates growth, strengthens the root system and increases productivity in general. Potassium regulates metabolism in plants, maintains water balance, increases resistance to drought, cold and disease occurrence. Phosphorus promotes strong root system, participates in the formation of plant proteins, affects product quality and yield.



  • universal for all crops
  • has a high bioavailability for plants
  • non-toxic
  • significantly increases the yield
  • has a prolonged effect
  • does not washed out from the soil by atmospheric precipitation

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