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Chemagroexport Company provides services of fertilization using:

liquid ammoniac fertilizers

(carbamide-ammoniaс mixture KAS 32, ammoniac water)

liquid complex fertilizers of all kinds

Liquid nitrogen fertilizers - the best solution for your plants!


One of the most profitable liquid fertilizers at the market are nitrogen fertilizers, the price of which is much smaller than the cost of mineral fertilizers in solid form.

This is due to the lack of need for drying, granulation and sorting of products.

Ammoniac water and carbamide-ammoniaс mixture (KAS 32) have the lowest percentage of losses of substances during fertilization of soil.


The liquid form which have ammoniac fertilizers and complex fertilizers, allows the even distribution of nutrients across all layers of the soil.

Labor costs for fertilizing are reduced by 2-3 times.

Fertilizing can be done at any stage of plant growth. Liquid fertilizers are quickly absorbed by the soil, have good resistance to washout by atmospheric precipitates.

Environmental friendliness

As well as organic, mineral fertilizers are easily and quickly absorbed by plants, significantly increasing their crop capacity, resistance to pests, diseases and adverse weather conditions.

Liquid mineral fertilizers do not pollute the environment and do not reduce soil fertility.

Benefits of liquid mineral fertilizers

Consistently high harvests of agricultural crops
Environmental purity of grown products
Plant resistance to pests, diseases and the impact of weather conditions
The lower price compared to other types of fertilizers
Cost reduction of grown products
Do not reduce soil fertility

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