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High-quality fuel for your vehicles

Our company supplies fuel from the Mozyr petroleum refinery, which is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality fuel in Europe. Mozyr Oil Refinery is the first company that received immediately three certificates of compliance of quality control system of safety and environmental protection system.

Reliable fuel for the long life of your equipment

Compliance with European standards

Caring for clean environment

Fuel of European level from the Mozyr Oil Refinery

Diesel fuel Euro-4

  • increases engine power, increases its life
  • minimizes engine noise and vibration
  • ensures the purity of the combustion chamber and valves
  • minimizes the possibility of failure of spark plug and the whole fuel system
  • has a high level of harmful effect on the environment

Diesel fuel Euro-5

  • provides a low level of smoke and exhaust emission of combustion products
  • improves the process of engine start and fuel combustion
  • reduces the level of noise and motor vibration
  • provides protection of elements of the fuel system from corrosion and prolongs their life
  • reduces fuel consumption

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