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Ammonia water technical

Ammonia water technical (ammonia water) – a 25% aqueous solution of ammonia that has a strong odor of ammonia. Production of the fertilizer does not require drying, granulating and sorting making its cost are much lower than the price of solid fertilizers.

Ammonia water is used for basic fertilizing, presowing introduction and plant nutrition. Fertilizer is introduced at a depth of 10-15cm and combines well with soil, thus minimizing washing-out of nutrients by atmospheric precipitation.

This fertilizer is widely used for fertilizing grains and vegetables, beets, potatoes, perennial herbs on all types of soil. Ammonia water is instantly absorbed by plants and contributes to the destruction of pests. It is especially appropriate to use ammonia water in drought years.



  • ease in transportation and use
  • economic advantage
  • uniform distribution of fertilizer in the soil layers
  • instant assimilation by plants
  • high resistance to washing out from the soil

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