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Carbamide-ammonium mixture KAS 32

KAS – a mixture of aqueous solutions of carbamide and ammonium nitrate. KAS has a number of advantages over solid fertilizers. KAS contains three forms of nitrogen at a time: amide, nitrate and ammonium, which makes the fertilizer long-lasting and readily available to plants.

The price of urea-ammonium mixture advantageously differs among others in the market of fertilizers, since its preoduction process does not involve drying, granulating and sorting. Introduction of KAS in the soil can be carried out simultaneously with the introduction of pesticides and micronutrients, distribution of agents is more uniform, and nitrogen losses are minimized.

KAS is used for basic fertilization of soil before plowing and cultivation, introduction onto the surface before or after sowing, foliar and under-root fertilization. This fertilizer can be used on all types soil and in all climate zones, especially dry.



  • low price compared to other types of fertilizers
  • has no harmful effects on the environment
  • positively affects the quantitative and qualitative indicators of yield
  • high efficiency in dry season
  • ease of transportation and use
  • high speed of penetration into the soil and absorption by plants
  • perfectly combined with other mixes for fertilizing and cultivation of plants

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