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Ammonia liquid technical

Liquid ammonia – nitrogen fertilizer, which stands out among the others due to the highest (82.2%) concentration of nitrogen. Used for the production of various fertilizers, introduced into the soil as fertilizer or in the form of concentrated aqueous solution. The economic benefits of this fertilizer are assiciated with the ease of production and transportation, compared to the solid kinds of fertilizers.

Liquid ammonia is used to fertilize after primary soil cultivation and laid at a depth of 15 cm into the ground. Fertilizer tightly combines with soil and is not washed out by rainfalls during the autumn-winter period.

Introduction of concentrated ammonia promotes good plant growth and development, causes destruction of pests, harmful soil microorganisms and pathogens of some plant diseases. It can be used to fertilize any crops in all types of soil.



  • low price, compared with the solid kinds of fertilizers
  • reduction of fertilizer consumption during fertilization
  • uniform distribution of fertilizer in the arable soil layer
  • complete mechanization of the fertilization process
  • resistance to washing-out from the soil

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