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RDK 11:37

RDK 11:37 – the most concentrated (11% of nitrogen, 37% of phosphorous, sulfur and magnesium) and the most high-quality liquid fertilizer. It does not contain toxic impurities and insoluble residues. This fertilizer is characterized by the fast action and the possibility of combining with herbicides, pesticides and other types of fertilizers.

RDK is effective for any type of crops, can be used in all climatic zones of the country, it is particularly effective on carbonate soils. Can be used for basic fertilization and under-root fertilization of an open and closed ground.

Liquid complex fertilizers are favorably distinguished by the low cost, simple process of introduction and transportation. They quickly combine with soil and act throughout the period of plant growth without evaporating not washing-out.

RDK improves the nourishment balance of plants, positively affects the quantity and quality of the the yeild, increases plant resistance to diseases.



  • high bioavailability
  • safety for the soil and the environment
  • precise and uniform introduction
  • the possibility of transportation in unsealed containers
  • high resistance of plants to drought

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