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Urea (carbamide)

Carbamide is one of the most popular fertilizers in agriculture, it contains the largest concentration of nitrogen (46%). Available in the form of granules which are readily soluble in water, alcohol, but retain low hygroscopicity at temperatures up to 22 ° C.

Carbamide is used for basic fertilization of plants, under-root fertilization of fruit and berry trees, at late fertilization of wheat to increase the protein content in a ready grain. Often used for fertilizing sugar beet, potatoes and vegetables.

This fertilizer is perfectly absorbed by plants, positively influencing their growth, does not cause burns in contact with the leaves. An important advantage of carbamide is relatively slow dissolution of granules in the ground – it helps avoid excess nitrogen saturation of the ground.

The highest efficiency is achieved at introduction of carbamide in greenhouses, and when mixed with superphosphate or other nitrogen fertilizers in the form of a solution.



  • fast solubility in water and alcohol
  • resistance to compressing and low hygroscopicity
  • perfect for the use in arid regions
  • easy to use
  • a significant increase in productivity, the acceleration of plant growth
  • the possibility of combining with other fertilizers

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