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Ammoniac saltpeter (ammonium nitrate)

Ammoniac saltpeter – is indispensable and universal fertilizer in agriculture, which is considered the most effective among nitrogen fertilizers. Available in the form of granules of white color, has good flowability and resistance to compacting.

This fertilizer can be used in any soil and climatic zone for basic, presowing fertilization and after sowing fertilization of all species. Thanks to good solubility in water, ammonium nitrate is easy to use and as a result it is highly popular among farmers.

The efficiency of ammonium nitrate increases when mixing it with potassium and phosphorus fertilizers just before the introduction into the soil.



  • the highest level of yields increase among nitrogen fertilizers
  • ease of transportation and introduction
  • universality
  • an increase in the level of protein and gluten in grains

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