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Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate – effectively combined nitrogen fertilizer, contains 21% of nitrogen in ammonium form and 24% of sulfur. This combination of active substances allows fertilizer by several times to reduce the accumulation of nitrates and radionuclides in plants. This allows the use of fertilizer in contaminated areas.

Ammonium sulfate is widely used in agriculture for fertilizing cabbage, turnips, radish, sugar and fodder beet and potatoes. When using it plant roots and plants are juicy and tasty, longer retain vitamins during storage. The use of fertilizer during early introduction positively affects the growth and development of plants, significantly increases productivity in non-cultivated soils.

A significant advantage of ammonium sulfate is the possibility of usage of both a liquid and dry forms – plants equally absorb nutrients. However, this fertilizer has the ability to acidify the soil, so it is recommended for the lands with alkaline and normal reaction, or mixed with limestone or chalk.



  • possibility of using in various forms
  • non-toxic
  • cery low hygroscopicity
  • resistance to washing-out and evaporation
  • high level of assimilation by plants
  • evenly distributed in the soil

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