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Potatoes very well accept organic and mineral fertilizers, significantly increasing yields. As the optimal norms of mineral fertilizers according to the soil type are considered the given below values :

Type of soil Nitrogen, kg/ha Phosphorus, kg/ha Potassium, kg/ha
Sod-podzolic 120 120 90-120
Light gray and gray forest 120 90-120 60
Dark gray forest, leached and podzolic soils 60-120 60-120 90-120

However, these standards are very generalized: the optimal dose of introduction of each element should be determined taking into account the climate zone of cultivation, variety of potatoes and final intended purpose of ready vegetables.

Nitrogen fertilizers are introduced before the cultivation in sprig and promote the rapid growth of beet tops.The dose ranges between 50-150 kg/ha, depending on growing conditions. The main part (about 75%) of nitrogen should be evenly assimilated before flowering of potatoes. Then the nitrogen flow should decrease – it will suspend the growth of tops and form high quality tubers with a long shelf life.

Phosphorus reduces the level of nitrates in tubers and accelerates the healing of injuries, preventing damage to leaves by phytophthora, increases the quantity and quality of the crop.This element prevents the development of diseases such as blackleg, ring rot, rhizoctonia disease. Potassium increases the shelf life of tubers, makes them resistant to damage, increasing the starch content in potatoes, reduces the level of soluble carbohydrates.Magnesium promotes the development of healthy tubers, increases their number, increases the synthesis of starch and neutralizes the excess absorbtion of nitrogen fertilizers.

These three elements should be introduced as the main fertilizers right before the autumn plowing. If autumn fertilization has not occurred, it is recommended to introduce combined complex fertilizers, like Nitroamophoska into the soil.

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