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Broad beans

The broad beans have the ability to absorb nutrients from the soil, as a result it gives the high productiveness on the fertile soils with a neutral reaction. It needs to take an average of 6,5 kg of nitrogen, 1,8 kg of phosphorus and 2.6 kg of potassium for the formation of 1 quintal of the legumes grain.

Most of the nutrients this culture absorbs during the stem in the process of growth and the formation of beans. The normal rate of mineral fertilizers is determined by depending on the previous fertility and fertilization of the soil and ranges from 40-90 kg phosphorus and 40-90 kg of potassium.

All fertilizers are added during the plowing season. The spring adding under cultivation can reduce the effectiveness of fertilizers.

The bean plants reacts well to the liming of the soil as well as the adding of micronutrients (boron, manganese, cobalt, magnesium, copper). These elements together significantly increase the yield of beans, give the plant resistance to diseases and adverse weather conditions, increase the quality of the finished crop.

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