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Beans – an excellent precursor to any culture, as this plant has the ability to absorb nitrogen from the air and saturate it the soil. This culture reacts well to the fertilizers that are made under predecessor and most of the nutrients derives from last year’s stocks of fertilizer. But preplant fertilization and feeding during the growing season also brings its own results.

About 92% of all nutrients the phaseoluses absorb in the period from the occurrence of the first sprouts to the formation of green beans. For normal growth and development of the plant needs 6kg of nitrogen, 5 kg of potassium, and about 1,5 kg of phosphorus.

Recommended doses of mineral substances: for the gray forest soils – N 45-60kg / ha, P 45-60kg / ha, K 45-60 kg / ha, for the black-coloured soil (called “chernozem”) – N 30-45 kg / ha, P 45-60kg / ha, K 45-60 kg / ha. Also the feeding of phaseolus is usually carried out using of molybdenum, boron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, copper.

Sulfoammophos and potassium salt are the best fertilizer for the phaseolus. Nitrogen fertilizers should be used with caution in order not to provoke the lush green growth and reduce the weight of the fruit.

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