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Cucumber greatly depends on soil fertility andc oncentration of carbon dioxide in pre-soil air. It is characterized by a poorly developed root system, it can not penetrate deeper than 25 cm deep into the ground, so all the nutrients for cucumber are taken only from the upper layers of soil.

High yield requires sufficient mineral nutrition of cucumber throughout the whole growing season. Accumulation of nutrients by the plant should end up before the heavy fruiting. Cucumber accepts organic fertilizeres xtremely well, and mineral fertilizers reinforce their action.

The recommended norm of introduction of fertilizers is 60 kg/ha of nitrogen, 60 kg/ha of phosphorus and 90 kg/ha of potassium. The most effective fertilizer for cucumber are highly concentrated forms without chlorine. We recommend to introduce 10 kg/ha of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus into rows during sowing. In case of deficiency of the main fertilizer should be performed fertilizing in several stages: the first – before the formation of four leaves, the second – before the start of proliferation.

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