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Winter rape

Winter rape requires larger doses of fertilizers than other crops. The formation of 1 ton of yield requires 50-60 kg of nitrogen, 24-34 kg of phosphorus, 40-60 kg of potassium and 4-5 times more magnesium, calcium, boron and sulfur, compared to the grains.

Nitrogen fertilizers are extremely important in the mode of rape nourishment, form optimum vegetative mass and increase productivity in general. The norm of the first introduction of nitrogen for the correct formation of the rosette of leaves and avoiding over-grown stems usually amounts for one-third of the total weight. On the soils with high fertility exclude the autumn fertilizer or reduce the dose to 20 kg/ha, on low-productive soils nitrogen is introduced at the rate of 130-150 kg/ha.

Phosphate fertilizers play an important role in the formation of strong roots and resistant to lodging stem, accelerate grain ripening, increase the productivity of rape and its resistance to frost, contribute to better digestion of nitrogen fertilizers. The recommended dose – 80-90 kg/ha.

Potassium improves assimilation of nutrients and water, increases resistance to disease formation, cold weather and lodging of crops, increases productivity of rape in general. It ishould be introduced in the pre-plowing period at the rate of 120-150 kg/ha.

Magnesium and sulfur are also important for increasing the yield of rape – they increase the number and weight of seeds in a seedpod, regulate the process of photosynthesis, increase oil content in grain and accelerate the growth of plants.

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