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Sunflower has extended period of consumption of nutrients, which requires much more fertilizers compared to cereals. At yields of 20 kg/ha this culture consumes 120 kg of nitrogen, 45 kg of phosphorus and 230kg of potassium. Mineral fertilization system includes basic pre-fertilization and soil fertilization on a rows. Organic fertilizers shoild be introdused under the predecessor.

The need in nitrogen is evenly distributed throughout the growing season, about 75% of this element is absorbed before the flowering phase and the greatest need in it appears in the phase the formation of the basket. However, the excess of nitrogen is able to reduce the oil content of seeds and excessively increase the growth of the vegetative mass, so it is important to calculate the dose of fertilizer according to soil quality.

Potassium is essential for the regulation of the water balance of sunflower. Up to 70% of the phosphorus norm the sunflower absorbs during the period starting from the early formation of the basket until the end flowering. The lack of this element adversely affects the completeness of seeds and reduces crop yields.

Potassium is essential for the regulation of the water balance of sunflower. It contributes to the saturation of plants with water, prevents evaporation of moisture from leaves and greatly increases the drought resistance of crops. Both phosphorus and potassium fertilizers iare recommended to use during the autumn plowing.

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