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Sorghum has a very high need in fertilizer. During primary tillage it is recommended to introduce 45-60 kg of nitrogen, 45-60 kg of phosphorus and 45-60 kg of potassium per 1 hectare of land. Complex mineral fertilizer NPK (nitroamofos) is ideally suitable for this, since it contains the most important nutrients for the plants in a properlybalanced proportions.

The main part of the dose of fertilizers is introduced during autumn plowing. For the introduction into the rows during planting use 10-15 kg/ha of superphosphate in granulated form. On the black soil it is recommended to give preference to phosphate fertilizers, on chestnut soils – to nitricphosphoric with the full exclusion of potassium fertilizers in some cases.

During cultivation of fodder sorghum should not be exceeded the recommended norms of nitrogen – its excess promotes the formation of toxic cyanide compounds in green. Each cutting of sorghumshould be accompanied be the fertilization using complex mineral fertilizers, depending on soil type.

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