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Elements of nutrition occurs irregularly to the soybean during the growing season. It needs to take about 7 kg of nitrogen, 1,5 kg of phosphorus and 2 kg of potassium for 1 quintal of grain.

Phosphate and potash fertilizers need to bring in during the primary cultivation of the soil, nitrogen – immediately in the spring under the cultivation. Adding granulated superphosphate in to the rows during the sowing soybeans give an increase significant yields.

About 70% of the nitrogen requirements, soybeans get in the process of symbiosis with bacterias that are able to produce this element of the environment. Pay attention that high doses of nitrogen fertilizers can destroy this symbiosis.

Also it is important the soybeans foliar feeding fertilizers – adding the urea and the potassium sulfate increase the plant resistance for different diseases, strengthen the root system and increase the weight of the finished bean.

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