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Onion has the greatest need for a properly organized mode of of mineral nutrition compared to other crops. Its roots are poorly developed and located in the top layer of soil, so it is particularly important to provide the onions with available forms of nutrients.

Nitrogen is the most imortant mineral element foronion, and its the recommended dose is 90-120 kg/ha. It is usually absorbed in the first half of the growing season, and the spicy onion varieties have the particular need of nitrogen during this period.

Potassium is mostly absorbed in the second period of vegetations, it is especially important for cultivation of a sweet varieties of onions. The introduction norm is 90-12-kg/ha. Phosphoric psupply should be even throughout the period of growth and development, and the norm of introduction of this element is 60-90kh /ha.

Phosphate and potash fertilizers are introduced during the autumn cultivation, leaving part of phosphate fertilizers for the row introduction. Nitrogen fertilizers are introduced in the phase of formationof 2 leaves, and at the beginning of formation of the bulbs. Fertilization using fertilizers containing sulfur contributes to the creation of aromatic substances in the onions.

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